Love is Equal

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:13

Artist and author

This is an art project which is there to contribute to the troubled dialogue the Church of England is having with the LGBT+ community.

Mike is a gay man and artist who is interested in the deeper and mystical experiences of life and how belief informs and moulds the evolution of humanity.  Science offers much but is ultimately tells us little of this deep, wonderful and individual spiritual world, perhaps the only thing that really has the potential to give real enriching meaning to life.  Mike has practised neo Tantra and quite surprisingly this led to some deep and mystical experiences of Christ.  Transformative experience that has set him on a spiritual adventure that informs his art practice.  As a gay man he is an outsider in the Christian world, indeed most religious institutions. Institutions, and the people running them struggle to apply their own core Christian values based on unconditional love to the LGBT+ community.  They often seem to be caught up providing in deeply damaging dogma and manipulative human endeavour disconnected to spirit. This blog stands outside of that a piece of contemporary art, juxtaposing seemingly diametrically opposed beliefs, and offering alternative and positive perspectives on the gospels.  Mike’s mystical experiences of Christ have been unconditional, Christ sees all people as equal, no if buts or maybes, and that sex with love is indeed a beautiful way to connect with the deep experience of the Divine, for everyone, irrespective of Church dogma on the need for church marriage for straight people.

As performance art may be informed by ritual, this performance of weekly Sunday posts, follows the Christian worship rituals in churches.  The performer, the artist is the outsider, shut out from the church as an equal, with negated sexuality by the church hierachy, posting alone into the internet, his contemplation of the gospels.  This performance is about being alone and how this can be the price of being free.

Image by Lance

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