“Do not let your hearts be troubled, Believe in God, believe also in me.” How many of us have troubled hearts, want to be loved and to believe as the only requirement and then have a place in the House of God and be taken there by Jesus too.


The reassuring words “I am the way, truth, and the life” Although rather exclusive, it doesn’t feel excluding as it stands strong and hopeful.


But moving on, some new interesting spiritual ideas that resonate with some Eastern spiritual possibilities come from the text too. But that might contradict that Jesus is the only way or might be that Jesus’s way is also in other religions too. The statement believe me that “I am in the Father and the Father is in me” suggests the integral nature of the spiritual world; each element separate, but part of the whole.  Then saying that believers are all part of God and can do the same things as Jesus in his connection with God.  That is how Buddhism and Yoga based religion and practice leads us, that is to personal enlightenment.  So some intriguing suggestions come from this weeks gospel and these chime with mystical practice and the personal experience of the Divine inside. 


Once the Divine is experienced inside then we are all equal, we see where we are perfection as we should be.  As you experience the Divine we are compelled to be living in the will of the Divine and seeing that our own nature and intentions are a powerful expression of the heart centre at its deepest level connected to God. Not the mind in its fearful ego experienced perceptions.  It is also not about external knowledge as there is an internal knowledge and wisdom that we tap into, from the Divine connection to other things. At that point we do not depend on Church, Mosque or Temple dogma as we already have a deeper knowledge that is beyond word and the mind. This is not provable, this is not science, this is not fully of this world but perhaps it is the “On Earth as it is in Heaven”.  Living in Love, living as equal.  When you find this place you don’t want to be anywhere else.