The highly significant story, that arguably is a cornerstone of what you believe about Christ, Mary being visited by the angel Gabriel to be told of a virgin conception.  The implication is that a miracle of a virgin birth means Christ is God rather than an enlightened man or prophet.

So gay men like anyone else will take a view about that.  But let’s consider the modern world, and how now virgin births are technically possible, that is non sexual, in terms of the sex act, births. In addition in the UK at least we now have the possibility that genetic parenting is easier for a gay man.  We now have a much more complex view about birth and what human families we can form.  This story of the virgin seems less miraculous as science engineers more and more “miracles”.  It is interesting how the story of the angel Gabriel and Mary might be presented now, in the modern world, to delineate, to make significant and miraculous.

It would be interesting if Jesus was born today if he would be born to same sex parents, that might be shocking indeed to many.   But, ironically, I believe that Mary is very significant as a parent to Christ but not especially Joseph.  Mary is more like we might see a single Mum today perhaps, rather than modern mum/dad parenting.

If Christ returned in human form today it intrigues me how that might be, it might say a huge amount that might contradict or reinforce all sorts of competing Christian beliefs. I like to think it would be a powerful equality message as that has been so central to my mystical experience and the interpreted equality message of the gospel of Luke.

Image by Mike