Jesus shows us in this story how not listening to our fears, the devil inside us, even when we are hungry, opens up the flow of joy, the flow that I like to think is God, the Holy Spirit.  When we are full of love and joy, even hunger diminishes as does all pain. “We do not live by bread alone” by the physical world. And perhaps when we reside in this space, a wilderness leading to deeper spiritual experience, more things flow for us. Possibilities and opportunities seem to be more noticeable, creativity blossoms, and we see new connections, we are more resourceful to face the challenges of life.

The Wilderness I think is also a metaphor for just being in ourselves learning the deeper nature of ourselves, how the mind works, how this can feel different from the source of unconditional love within.  Inside can sometimes feel quite a stark and barren place, an we use our minds to fill it and distract it with all sorts of sensory diversion, commercial markets thrive of meeting our diversionary needs. These are the “kingdoms of the world and their splendour” the devil tempts Christ with. But open up and discover the heart centred gateway to the bliss of the Divine and the internal experience is completely different.

Lastly the story tells me, as anyone else, that there is no test, or proof, of God, the Divine, Spirit or whatever we want to call it to describe the beautiful connection to something much deeper. Something more wonderful that can be our more sustaining experience to that of the “kingdoms of the world”.  The deeper experience is there for all, what we believe, what we choose to call it is the question of individual faith, the path we take to through the Wilderness to discover deeper meaning in our lives.

Image by Lance