Love is Equal

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:13

Alternative Gay Gospel – Project LGBT dialogue

Welcome to an art project specifically for gay men giving an alternative gay view about the Sunday Gospels. In parallel to the supposed dialogue the Church of England is having with LGBT+ people the Blog explores the weekly progress through the gospels of the Church of England from one man’s LGBT perspective.  It explores love in all aspects. The blog is performance art, a gay man’s ritual weekly visit to the gospel as an equal. It is therefore not to any church but to a personal spiritual space, that does for now, have to be in cyberspace.  It is based on mystical experiences of Christ through intense spiritual practice exploring love for gay men.

But for now we are taking a break from our writing and ritual……… return again perhaps at a later time after other projects, loves and challenges.

Warning: This blog is open to anyone with an open mind, but this is unashamedly from an individual gay man’s perspective and does discuss sex and sexuality in relation to the gospels.  It is not intended to cause any offence but some people with other perspectives may find this is not for them, and may cause offence to people with traditional or fundamentalist religious beliefs.

Project background

Image by Lance